Engineering Design

At CSBR Concepts, our strengths lie in the broad range of technical competencies we offer; from management of complex projects, coherently logical and systematic problem solving abilities, and testing. Our strengths lie in our ability through the step by step drill process we use to develop products.

We appropriately define the problems of some of the identified needs brought before us, saving you money and precious time. We ask the appropriate questions, exposing it to a thorough examination of market knowledge and engineering principles; ‘Does someone else already have this product or process solved? Does it have existing problems that we can improve upon? Who else manufacture’s this? Is there something already on the market for it? If so, how can we improve upon it and at a better cost?’ We explore alternative solutions and upon arriving at one, we will still challenge it to allow better alternatives to surface. We conduct an analysis of the possible solutions to test them to see if they are physically possible, do they obey the laws of physics and as importantly, is it economically feasible? All of which delivers our workmanship to success.

Grahm Bell   “Great discoveries and improvements invariably involve the cooperation of
     many minds.” – Alexander Graham Bell