About Us

CSBR Concepts is a company located in Cheshire, CT founded by Robert N. Brucato that provides a vast array of technical and engineering services from the inception of innovative concepts, to design strategy, through production and ultimately, to the oversight of proficient project management. We are experienced in automation, robotics, manufacturing automation, industrial design, web designand graphic design. We can also intervene and provide technical insight, offering guidance to other projects you may have that are still under development.

It can be cost prohibitive for a company to retain qualified, full time personnel to cover their engineering needs. Therefore, CSBR Concepts can be outsourced to provide qualified, experienced and technical assistance in helping you to thrive and meet the demands of today’s ever-evolving market of the most complex engineering systems.

Our competitive advantage lies in system engineering including manufacturing and process automation, project management and planning and design of complex products. It includes the assimilation of engineering with manufacturing design. Our core competencies are multi-disciplinary, dealing the realm of optics, fiber optics, laser, telecommunications, semi-conductor and life sciences. It is project management, and developing complex products. More importantly, it is identifying, characterizing, and obtaining a clear comprehension of our customer’s needs and anticipating their future requirements. It is the dedication that comes with tackling problems riddled with the most mechanical and technological challenges. We work collaboratively with our clients with an inherent passion for engineering design.

Sir Isac Newton   “If I have ever made any valuable discoveries, it has been due more to patient     attention than to any other talent.” – Isaac Newton